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Briggs and Stratton

Briggs & Stratton 49T877-0004-G1 Vertical 1-1/8" Shaft Commercial Turf Professional Series 27 Gross HP, Superseded by 49T877-0049

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Briggs & Stratton 49T877-0004-G1

Commercial Turf Professional Series 27hp 810cc Engine


At Carroll Stream, we carry Briggs & Stratton 27HP motors. These are powerful motors for riding mowers and other heavy-duty industrial and commercial applications. Briggs & Stratton motors are a perfect replacement for old, worn-out motors, including those from Kohler and other top brands. Whether youÆ’??re replacing your walk-behind mower's motor, replacing a powered saw motor or building the perfect go-kart, this motor fits into many compact engine compartments and can replace many 30HP motors as well. This engine runs on unleaded gas, has a reliable electric-start mechanism and comes with everything you need for fast, easy installation.

Briggs & Stratton 27HP Turf Professional motors are versatile, powerful and durable. We offer the very best motors for your next project with the most affordable prices and fast, free shipping. Buy online to find the right motor for you, or contact our experts for help finding exactly what you need.

This 49T877-0004-G1 small motor is built with quality components and is ready to outlast the competition. Purchase now to take advantage of our free shipping and quick turnaround time. Or, call if you have questions! 888-208-2088, 248-628-4638.

High-performance engine designed for heavy-duty commercial and professional applications. Here are some additional details, values, features, and benefits of this engine:

Powerful Performance: With a gross horsepower rating of 27 HP, this engine delivers robust power to tackle demanding tasks with ease. It provides ample power to drive various equipment and machinery.

Vertical Shaft Design: The vertical shaft design makes it ideal for vertical applications such as commercial turf equipment, lawn tractors, and other vertical shaft equipment.

Commercial Turf Professional Series: This engine is part of Briggs & Stratton's Commercial Turf Professional Series, which signifies its durability, reliability, and suitability for heavy-duty use in professional landscaping and turf care applications.

Commercial-Grade Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of commercial use, this engine features high-quality components and construction materials, ensuring longevity and durability even in demanding environments.

Advanced Lubrication System: Equipped with an advanced lubrication system, this engine ensures proper lubrication of critical components, reducing wear and extending the engine's lifespan.

Efficient Cooling System: The engine is designed with an efficient cooling system to maintain optimal operating temperatures even under heavy loads, preventing overheating and ensuring consistent performance.

Quiet Operation: With advanced noise reduction features, this engine operates quietly, minimizing noise pollution in commercial settings and providing a more comfortable working environment.

Manufacturer Support: Briggs & Stratton is a reputable manufacturer known for its quality products and excellent customer support, providing peace of mind to users regarding product reliability and assistance in case of any issues.

Make Briggs & Stratton
Model 49T877-0004
Type Small Engine
Fuel Gas Unleaded 86 Octane or Higher
Engine Type 4 Stroke OHV V-Twin
Bore/Stroke 3.3 X 2.89 in
Displacement 810 cc
Max Power 27 HP
Starting Type Electric Start
Charging System 16 AMP W/Regulator
Starting System Stater, 12 Volt Heavy Duty
Dimensions (L x W x H) 18.25 x 19.25 x 20 in.
Muffler Included No
Fuel Tank No
Dry Engine Weight 94 lbs.
Shaft Type Keyed - Straight
Shaft Diameter 1 1/8" Diameter, 1/4" Keyway
Shaft Length 4-5/16" Total
Shaft I.D. Thread Size 7/16"-20 Drilled and Tapped
Bolt Pattern 4 Bolt
Oil System Pressure lubrication, Oil Cooler
Oil Capacity 2 Qts
Intake Low Vacuum Purge Port
Reduction Type None
Engine Cooling Type Forced Air Cooling
2 Year Consumer Warranty
2 Year Commercial Warranty
Mechanical Governor
4 Stroke OHV Small Engine
Cyclonic Air Filter
Dipstick in Crankcase
Cross Reference Guide
Kohler: CV750
Throttle Linkage Kit
User Manual

Use to Replace Model Numbers:

613477-0137-E1, 613477-0125-E1, 613477-0123-E1, 613477-0122-E1, 613477-0120-E1, 613477-0113-E1, 613477-0048-E1, 611477-0111-E1, 611477-0110-E1, 613477-0048, 49M977-1036-G5, 49M977-1036

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