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Kawasaki FH680V-S06 Vertical 1" (25.4mm) X 80mm Shaft Muffler Included

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Kawasaki FH680V-S06 Engine

With 25.4mm X 80mm Vertical Shaft

Electric Start Motor




The FH680V-S06 Is one of the toughest replacement engines on the market with its wide variety of uses in zero-turn mowers, lawn and garden tractors and walk-behind mowers. It is SAE certified and built to handle the toughest terrains and the toughest conditions. The FH680V-S06 Kawasaki engine also offers a guaranteed 3 year consumer or commercial warranty on all parts and labor.

The Kawasaki 23 HP FH680V-S06 gas engine is powerful, heavy duty, and built to handle years of rugged use. Order now to take advantage of our amazing prices with fast free shipping on all orders over $100 and give us a call at 1-888-208-2088 to speak with our team of experts that are able to help you with all your Kawasaki needs.

The Kawasaki FH680V-S06 engine is a direct replacement for many brands such as Toro, Exmark, Scag, Bad Boy, Auburn Consolidated, KMC, Ariens, Excel, MTD, Dixie Chopper, Husqvarna, CHP, Little Wonder, Ferris and many others. This Kawasaki small motor is built with quality components and is ready to outlast the competition. Call if you have questions! 888-208-2088, 248-628-4638

Make Kawasaki
Model FH680V-S06
Type Small Engine
Fuel Gas Unleaded 86 Octane or Higher
Engine Type 4 Stroke OHV Twin Cylinder
Bore/Stroke 3.0 X 3.0 in
Displacement 675 cc
Max Torque 41.3 FT. Lbs
Starting Type Electric Start
Charging Coil 15 Amp
Starting System Electric Starter
Dimensions (L x W x H) 19.25 x 18.25 x 24.75 in.
Exhaust Included Yes
Fuel Tank No
Dry Engine Weight 105lbs.
Shaft Type Keyed - Straight
Shaft Diameter 1 Diameter, 1/4" Keyway
Shaft Length 3-5/32"" Total
Shaft I.D. Thread Size 7/16"-20 Drilled and Tapped
Bolt Pattern 4 Bolt
Oil System Pressurized with oil filter
Oil Capacity 2.0 Qts
Oil Cooler High Efficiency
Reduction Type None
Engine Cooling Type Forced Air Cooling
3 Year Consumer Warranty
3 Year Commercial Warranty
Mechanical Governor
4 Stroke OHV Small Engine
Standard Air Filter
Dipstick in Crankcase
Cross Reference Guide
Kohler: CV750
User Manual

Use to Replace Model Numbers:

FH601V-S06: AS06, BS06, CS06, DS06, ES06, FS06, GS06
FH601V-S09: AS09, BS09, CS09, DS09, ES09, FS09, GS09
FH601V-S11: AS11, BS11, CS11, DS11
FH641V-S05: AS05, BS05, CS005, DS05, ES05, FS05, GS05
FH641V-S09: AS09, BS09, CS09, DS09, ES09, FS09, GS09, HS09
FH641V-S20: AS20, BS20, CS20, DS20
FH641V-S29: AS29, BS29, CS29, DS29
FH641V-S31: AS31, BS31
FH641V-S52: AS52
FH661V-S05: AS05, BS05
FH680V-S04: AS04, BS04, CS04, DS04
FH680V-S06: AS06, BS06, CS06, DS06, ES06, FS06, GS06
FH680V-S10: AS10, BS10, CS10, DS10, ES10, FS10
FH680V-S11: AS11, BS11, CS11, DS11
FH680V-S12: AS12, BS12, CS12, DS12, ES12, FS12, GS12, HS12
FH680V-S13: AS13, BS13, CS13, DS13, ES13, FS13, GS13
FH680V-S14: AS14, BS14, CS14, DS14

Please call for questions about what engines this replaces. (888-208-2088, 248-628-4638)

Any cross-reference is provided as a courtesy. You will be responsible for making sure the part number we are providing will fit your application. If you are unsure, please contact us before purchasing for help. Please have your model and serial number available.

The Kawasaki FH680V-S06 engine is distinguished in the realm of small engines for its sturdy build and dependable operation. Tailored to suit various uses, this engine is ideal for zero-turn mowers, lawn and garden tractors, and walk-behind mowers, making it a flexible option for residential and commercial purposes. With a 23 HP V-twin design, it delivers robust performance, able to tackle challenging tasks effortlessly. Its 25.4mm X 80mm vertical shaft and electric start motor provide convenience and efficiency, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity.

The FH680V-S06 is constructed using top-notch components, showcasing its commitment to meeting rigorous industry benchmarks as evidenced by its SAE certification. This powerful engine is specifically designed to outperform in rugged landscapes and demanding environments, guaranteeing both resilience and longevity. With a comprehensive three-year warranty covering all parts and labor for both consumer and commercial use, you can rest assured that your investment is safeguarded, offering you peace of mind.

The Kawasaki FH680V-S06 boasts impressive power and exceptional user-friendliness, featuring simple maintenance processes that enhance efficiency. Its fuel-efficient structure aids in cost reduction without compromising performance quality. Whether utilized as a replacement engine in Toro, Exmark, Scag, Bad Boy, or other compatible brands, the FH680V-S06 stands as a dependable upgrade that ensures longevity over competitors.


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