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Kawasaki FJ180V-M00 Vertical 7/8" X 3-5/32" Shaft

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Kawasaki FJ180V-M00 Small Gas Engine Recoil Pull Start

With 7/8" x 3-5/32" Vertical Shaft

This Kawasaki FJ Is In Stock And Ready To Ship!

Commonly used on Ariens, Billy Goat, Eastman, MTD, and Kawasaki power products. The highest quality guaranteed! We have been in business since 2005, and our engines are fully rebuildable with all parts available. The perfect Kawasaki motor to replace your FJ180V engine.

Summary of the FJ180V-M00 Engine

The Kawasaki FJ180V-M00 is a small engine that packs a lot of power. It's perfect for a variety of applications, including lawn mowers, generators, and pressure washers. This engine is reliable and easy to start, making it a great choice for any consumer. Kawasaki vertical engine with V-twin cylinders. It has a cast-iron cylinder liners for durability and oil cooler for consistent engine temperature. It is a four-stroke engine with an air-cooled design. This engine is known for its high performance and durability.

The Kawasaki FJ180V-M00 is perfect for industrial, commercial and residential applications. These premium residential motors have low tone mufflers, mechanical governors and duel element air filters. This convenient, heavy duty and reliable 4 stroke OHV single cylinder engine does the job for many applications. Also, offering a 3-year commercial warranty on these motors. Your order ships quickly with expert turnaround time in our fully stocked warehouse. Packaged with care, Carroll Stream Motor Company provides free shipping. This Kawasaki FJ180V-M00 series is 179cc with a 8.7 ft lbs. gross torque. It is a recoil start engine with a 7/8" x 3-5/32" vertical shaft.

This Kawasaki small motor is built with quality components and is ready to outlast the competition. Purchase now to take advantage of our free shipping and quick turnaround time. Or, call if you have questions! 888-208-2088, 248-628-4638.
Purchase Opti Oil With Engine For 6 Year Warranty

Kawasaki FJ180V-M00 Gas Engine Specifications

  • Displacement: 179 cc (10.9 cu. in.)
  • Number of Cylinders: 1
  • Bore x Stroke: 2.6 x 2.1 inches (65 x 54 mm)
  • Compression Ratio: 8.5:1
  • Oil Capacity with Filter: 0.6 quarts (0.6 liters)
  • Maximum Power: 4.5 HP at 3600 RPM
  • Maximum Torque: 8.3 ft-lbs at 2400 RPM
  • Dry Weight: 37.5 lbs (17.0 kg)
  • Starting System: Recoil starter with automatic compression release
  • Ignition System: Flywheel magneto transistor ignition
  • Air Cleaner: Dual element
  • Cooling System: Forced air
  • Muffler: Low-tone muffler with guard
  • Carburetor: Internally vented
  • Cylinder Liner: Cast-iron
  • Lubrication System: Pressurized lubrication

Features of the FJ180V-M00

  • OHV Design: Overhead valve design for better fuel efficiency and lower emissions.
  • Durability: Cast-iron cylinder liner and chrome-plated piston rings for extended engine life.
  • Efficiency: Designed for low emissions and high power output.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Dual element air cleaner and fuel shut-off valve for easy maintenance.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications including lawn mowers, golf course equipment, and construction machinery.

Applications of the FJ180V-M00

The Kawasaki FJ180V-M00 engine is ideal for walk-behind mowers, lawn and garden equipment, and small industrial machines due to its compact size, reliability, and powerful performance.


Comes with a 3-year warranty for both consumer and commercial use, covering parts and labor. For more detailed information and to download the user manual, you can visit the Kawasaki Engines official website. This engine is built to meet a wide range of demands, offering both power and reliability, making it a great choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.


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